L.A の Westfield Century City shopping center での話ではあるが、Los Angeles Times に興味深い記事があがってたので適当訳(笑)。

Tiffany sues to keep H & M away in Century City : Los Angeles Times
The storied jeweler sued its landlord at the Westfield Century City shopping center Wednesday, alleging the planned H&M store under construction nearby would tarnish its high-end image at the open-air mall, which caters to an affluent Westside clientele.

Tiffany said its contract with Westfield forbids retailers “whose merchandise and/or price points are not considered to be luxury, upscale or better by conventional retail industry standards” to use or lease certain spaces within, fronting or adjacent to the Tiffany store.

ティファニーが、出店しているモールとその大家へ訴訟提起したそうだが、その内容は “契約において、MDやプライスポイントがラグジュアリーでない店舗が周辺に来ることを禁じている。H&M が近くに出店するのは契約違反だ” ということらしい。

“High-end retailers have always felt that it’s very important for them to be in the vicinity of like-oriented stores,” he said. “People with money and status want to be among their peers; they don’t want to be around people who aren’t like them. Tiffany has to be mindful of that.”




Portnoy said there might be additional factors in play in the lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court and seeks to stop construction of the H&M store. Although the jeweler is not saying so publicly, it could also be using the lawsuit as a bargaining chip to obtain a lower rent or a better location in the shopping center, or to get out of its lease, he said.


“They might be worried about a lower-income customer going into H&M and buying a $19 sweater and wandering into Tiffany’s,” he said. “Cheap chic is not the image that Tiffany wants in their stores.”

“彼らは、19ドルのセーターを買うような低所得者層が、ティファニーのところまで回遊してくることを心配している。チープシックがティファニーの欲しいイメージでは無い。”って…20代の頃に、銀座のティファニーでお姉ちゃんにあげるブツを物色していた当時の自分は19ドル程度のセーターを買ってたと思うのでw 歴史的背景も含めた国民性の違いということで良いですかね(笑)