…とは明確には言ってないけれどもw、彼らは、可能性として、アメリカにおけるメジャーなアパレルチェーンの店舗数が一つのベンチマークと考えているようで、その数が、Foreber21 の500店舗や Target の600店舗となっているから、そのぐらいはやるつもりのようだねー。





アパレル商売の生命線はMDに尽きるから、顧客へアウトプットする側(店舗・ネット)の直接的な失敗はあまり考えられなくて、その原因は往々にしてインプット側にあるので、MDの動向が重要と言うところかな。そして、別のところでは、H&M の商品供給サイクルが長期化しているところに売上減速の原因があるという見方もあるので、予断は許されないということで。

H&M To Open Hundreds Of Stores In 2013 | Styleite
Not according to Daniel Kulle , US president of H&M , “We have 269 stores in US, but with more than 314 million people in the country, we haven’t exposed everyone to H&M yet.” Watch out, Americans.

With a variety of new launches and brand re-inventions, H&M plans to surpass 2012 this year. WWD reports:

Kulle declined to project the ultimate number of H&M stores that could populate the U.S. but said, “The [store count] of major apparel tenants in the U.S. is one benchmark for the potential.” For example, Forever 21 operates close to 500 stores, and Express, 600 units.

The retailer is also expanding into our homes in new ways, with a highly anticipated (and delayed) e-commerce launch , as well as catalogue delivery that aims to reach every segment of their consumer base individually.

“We see catalogues as part of marketing and a way to inform and excite customers about H&M. They’ll see our different concepts for men, ladies, babies and teens,” Kulle said.

We can’t help but think enacting all these big moves at once might land them among brands like coffee giant Starbucks ?which, after having expanded too much too fast, had to scale back significantly to keep earnings in the green.